Monday, February 6, 2012

How to replace engine Air filter on Chevy impala?

This query is asked for 2004 model Chevy impala.But the procedure is same for 1998 to 2006 impala car models.

The details are as follows :-----
Look at the black box on the right (see picture shown below).
Your filter is in there. Undo the latches and you should be able to open the box. Sometime it's easier to remove the air duct first before opening the box. It's a very easy procedure.

If you can't get enough clearance to remove the filter, simply remove the air duct first before opening the air filter box.
The air duct is that big black duct that goes from the filter box to the throttle body.
This duct is held in place by one clamp on each side. Loosen the clamp and slide the duct off the air filter box. Then you should be able to open the box freely.

Yes, remove the air intake to the engine with the sensors on it.
However, placing it back on, take the end that goes on the filter box off and put it on the box first then line the rest back up.
Otherwise there is a great risk of loosing air....risk because the sensors mess up.. the car runs poorly ...and then causes more wear on the engine than is necessary.

This details will help.

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