Saturday, October 13, 2012

CAR A/c clutch will not remain engaged

A/C clutch getting disengaged.

When the Air conditioner is turned on in the ford vehicle the clutch gets engaged,but in few secs the clutch gets disengaged and compressor turn off.

In such cases ,may be on any brand vehicle.

First measure the AC high and AC low pressure when the A/c is running.

As its said that A/C turns off in few secs.So the Ac low and high pressure needs to be tested quickly in few successions when the A/c is running.

It can be tested with AC pressure testing tool.

The pressure tells whether AC is low on charge or its faulty component issue or problem with clutch controlling relay.

On normal basis running pressure on a fully charged A/C system at idle needs to be right 35 to 40 PSI low side and 200 to 225 PSI on the high side.If the A/c pressure is  anything less that these pressure ,then the system will cause the low pressure cycling switch to turn the AC compressor off.

 If the pressure testing shows that both low and high pressure is ok. Then its either a bad AC clutch relay or the AC clutch is heating up and breaking down and kicking off.

To confirm these problem you need a voltmeter.With the help of  volt meter check at the clutch and see if you have battery voltage when the clutch kicks off, if so and no clutch action means the clutch field coil is bad and needs replaced . If no power is found then suspect a bad clutch relay.

So as per these test,you know what part is faulty and you can get the faulty part replaced.

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overdrive light come on and off

The problem noticed on 2001 Ford Explorer.

The overdrive lights goes on and off on dash board.

This case is related to transmission or with gear issue.

Sometimes its just a basic warning to get the vehicle fluid level checked.

But the best possible way to get the problem confirmed is get the transmission module scanned.This will tell what problem is there.In scanning the error codes are retrieved and as per that further troubleshooting is done.

On these particular case the problem was related to faulty 2nd and 5th gear and replacing the gears solved the issue and overdrive light is gone out.
Also the present condition of transmission is not very good.So its advisable to get the transmission rebuilt by proper transmission professionals.

But the ford was running fine with same transmission,so customer was not interested in replacing the complete transmission.

These details will help.

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Vehicle runs lean causes misfire

There is lots of thumping noise and vehicle idles rough.

On such cases the diagnostic codes received are P1151 and P1131.

Also the misfire Error codes will be  received.

P1151 and P1131 codes are for the O2 sensors are for lean concerns which indicate there is to much oxygen left over in the exhaust or not enough left over fuel. Normally this is the result of a vacuum leak after the MAF sensor. So the lean concern can be causing your misfire codes 0300 and 0316.

Try these test procedures:---
Run the engine cold. Spray short busts of starting fluid around all the vacuum and PCV hoses and the intake gaskets. When a leak is hit, the rpms will increase.

Also on some cases you will hear noise from intake
If you have a noise in the intake, there is a good chance it is cracked as well as leaking.

So inspect the intake manifold too.

Also on such cases the fuel pressure is important.So inspect the fuse pressure.If its very low or very high,then fuel system, parts needs to be inspected and replaced if checked weak.

The fuel system consists of fuel pressure regular,fuel pump,fuel filter and fuel itself.

If the fuel in the vehicle gets dirty,or thick,then it can cause such problems.Getting the dirty fuel replaced with good fuel helps.


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Rear End Grinding Noise While Accelrating

The rear end grinding noise issue.

At our auto repair garage we have deal with lots of vehicle with such such issues.

One more with same problem,this time it was 2005 Ford explorer.

The vehicle made grinding noise while accelerating only.Then the noise will not continue further.But these noise will always occur while start up.

So as per these types of problem already seen and noticed at our garage.

There are two possibilities,either its a issue with bearings getting worn out or the major issue is with transmission going out and needs a rebuilt by proper professional.

The 2005 ford explorers has a lot of rear end concerns, and it sounds like to me that it is a bearing going out in the rear end.
Inspect the bearing visually to confirm the problem.try cleaning the dirt collected on side of bearing first and view its actual condition,If it looks out of alignment and worn out,then it has to be replaced/.

But if the vehicle is making winding noise while going to drive mode and if the vehicle shakes a bit while start up,then it points out towards the faulty transmission.

So inspect the condition of your vehicle,as per what conditions are there,you can further go in that way,to resolve the problem.

These details will help.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2000 Ford Ranger Fuel pump relay and Fuse Location

Ford Ranger fuel pump relay and fuse.

The details below will help you:------

Fuel Pump relay switch is in the main box.It is usually located on the drivers side Fender in a black box. As per the details mentioned in Ford vehicle owner's manual ,the fuel pump switch is located in the power distribution box in the engine
compartment .Its recommended to disconnect your battery before removing any other electrical part.

Also Relay # 5 is the fuel pump relay , and in the power distribution (PD) BOX is a 20 amp mini-fuse
for the fuel pump relay + RAP module in location # 9

The fuel pump inertia switch is located in the right front passenger area ,
by the right front kick panel .Sometimes this gets kicked by passenger or if the car is bummed hard it could set this item to shut down fuel system.
The inertia switch is a simple push button switch.If the switch button is got pushed off,then press it once to turn ON.

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