Saturday, October 13, 2012

overdrive light come on and off

The problem noticed on 2001 Ford Explorer.

The overdrive lights goes on and off on dash board.

This case is related to transmission or with gear issue.

Sometimes its just a basic warning to get the vehicle fluid level checked.

But the best possible way to get the problem confirmed is get the transmission module scanned.This will tell what problem is there.In scanning the error codes are retrieved and as per that further troubleshooting is done.

On these particular case the problem was related to faulty 2nd and 5th gear and replacing the gears solved the issue and overdrive light is gone out.
Also the present condition of transmission is not very good.So its advisable to get the transmission rebuilt by proper transmission professionals.

But the ford was running fine with same transmission,so customer was not interested in replacing the complete transmission.

These details will help.

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