Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rear End Grinding Noise While Accelrating

The rear end grinding noise issue.

At our auto repair garage we have deal with lots of vehicle with such such issues.

One more with same problem,this time it was 2005 Ford explorer.

The vehicle made grinding noise while accelerating only.Then the noise will not continue further.But these noise will always occur while start up.

So as per these types of problem already seen and noticed at our garage.

There are two possibilities,either its a issue with bearings getting worn out or the major issue is with transmission going out and needs a rebuilt by proper professional.

The 2005 ford explorers has a lot of rear end concerns, and it sounds like to me that it is a bearing going out in the rear end.
Inspect the bearing visually to confirm the problem.try cleaning the dirt collected on side of bearing first and view its actual condition,If it looks out of alignment and worn out,then it has to be replaced/.

But if the vehicle is making winding noise while going to drive mode and if the vehicle shakes a bit while start up,then it points out towards the faulty transmission.

So inspect the condition of your vehicle,as per what conditions are there,you can further go in that way,to resolve the problem.

These details will help.

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