Saturday, October 13, 2012

CAR A/c clutch will not remain engaged

A/C clutch getting disengaged.

When the Air conditioner is turned on in the ford vehicle the clutch gets engaged,but in few secs the clutch gets disengaged and compressor turn off.

In such cases ,may be on any brand vehicle.

First measure the AC high and AC low pressure when the A/c is running.

As its said that A/C turns off in few secs.So the Ac low and high pressure needs to be tested quickly in few successions when the A/c is running.

It can be tested with AC pressure testing tool.

The pressure tells whether AC is low on charge or its faulty component issue or problem with clutch controlling relay.

On normal basis running pressure on a fully charged A/C system at idle needs to be right 35 to 40 PSI low side and 200 to 225 PSI on the high side.If the A/c pressure is  anything less that these pressure ,then the system will cause the low pressure cycling switch to turn the AC compressor off.

 If the pressure testing shows that both low and high pressure is ok. Then its either a bad AC clutch relay or the AC clutch is heating up and breaking down and kicking off.

To confirm these problem you need a voltmeter.With the help of  volt meter check at the clutch and see if you have battery voltage when the clutch kicks off, if so and no clutch action means the clutch field coil is bad and needs replaced . If no power is found then suspect a bad clutch relay.

So as per these test,you know what part is faulty and you can get the faulty part replaced.

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