Friday, May 4, 2012

1990 Toyota 4Runner: Engine cuts off when reaches 2000 RPM?

First of all its a old model Truck.
This Problem can occurs due to multiple possibilities.May be the problem is minor,but to confirm the exact cause of problem you need to inspect the common possibilities.

Basically in this cases you will notice,that engine runs/ drives fine,but when it reaches certain RPM the engine cuts out and will drive at low RPM,but when again it reaches that particular RPM it again cuts off and this same Cycle repeats.

On some of this cases you will see that Check engine lights Comes ON dash and in some cases No Check engine light will Come .If it Comes on then troubleshooting gets easy,you can easily get the cars computers tested and retrieve the error codes and that codes will point you towards the faulty part.

But if No check engine light is coming ON,then that long troubleshooting procedure part by part inspecting is necessary.

There are allot of things that can cause this. The most common is the mass air flow meter. The next thing is to check the timing chain and make sure the chain has not jumped time. The compression per cylinder should be 160 psi minimum. The next most common thing would be the TPS Throttle position sensor. These need tested along with the fuel pressure. There is not quick fix here and there is no limp in mode possibility on this truck. Something is affecting the acceleration ie timing or fuel delivery.

This details will help.

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