Sunday, May 6, 2012

2005 Toyota Corolla: Rattle noise from engine?

While Driving Acceleration the Rattling noise is heard from Engine.
The noise is noticed while at low speeds as well as High Speeds.

The First thing to be Checked in this cases is ENGINE OIL.
When this engine gets low on oil it causes the timing chain to rattle due to the tensioner getting loose. Check the oil and Change the Oil if it is low.
Mostly the Low Engine Oil light comes ON when oil gets low.But some times this light dont come ON,that times this noise is indication to inspect the Engine oil.If the Oil is full and recently changed,then this noise can be the issue with valves and or timing chain.
The Noise will directly not stop after changing oil.It will decrease but will take some time to completely disappear.
I would give it some time and then recheck. If the oil change is due soon I would have it done with a new filter then just monitor the noise and see how it goes.

This details will help.

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