Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1995 Toyota Camry: Replace Throttle Position Sensor but still the same Code is Showing Up?

Basically when Throttle position sensor is bad,then you will notice problems like car not starting properly. The car hesitates to start.

In this case,first inspect the few basics,that are map sensor,coil wires,spark plugs.If all this are checked ok.Then the Throttle Position sensor also called as TPS is to be reinspected and tested with meter.
I agree that you have replaced the TPS but if the Same DTC code is showing up,this clears that TPS is not getting detected.

When TPS is faulty the Display will show Error code 41.

To clear this error code,first try system reset for your car.
Remove the negative terminal of your car battery and wait for 5 minutes then reconnect the battery terminal.Now check do you get same code after each key cycle.
If not,then code is cleared.But if you get same code then there is definite problem with TPS or its fitting.

With the electrical connector plugged into the throttle position sensor and the key in the on position use a needle and back probe the red wire and make sure you have a good ground wire on your voltmeter.
Now use the voltmeter to test the readings:----
What is the voltage on this red wire? Does the voltage change if you open the throttle plate? Next I need you to back probe the black wire which should be the next wire down. What is the voltage with the throttle closed and then wide-open? Does your voltmeter change smoothly as you open the throttle?

Also check the female pins inside the electrical connector of TPS to make sure that they are tight?

If you have an ohm meter ohm test these top two pins with the connector off while opening the throttle plate does the resistance change between the top two pins?

The voltage at the black wire when the throttle is fully closed should be about .5 V when the throttle is fully open it should slowly increase up to about 4 volts. If you're getting no voltage there or the voltage does not fluctuate the throttle position sensor is no good. Most probably something is shorted internally.

Now If you have a good contact on the black wire and have 0 V on it the sensor is bad. The 5 V reference signal is measured on the red wire goes into the sensor then goes through the resistor and back out the black wire to the engine control computer. As the throttle opens the resistance value changes which directly changes the voltage output on the black wire. The computer is not seeing this voltage change. If you are 100% certain that your probing the black wire correctly then this sensor is no good.If the voltage is incorrect then check the wiring's,.Clean the area where you insert the TPS and see if that helps.

This details will help.

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