Sunday, May 6, 2012

2007 Toyota Prius: Reprogram Remote Keyfob?

The KeyFob is new or its Lost its original Setting.To make it work,the remote needs to be reprogrammed.

The Remote Keyfob will help for remote start function and lock/ unlock door functions.

This is Possible.But dealer is the only way to reprogram the remote. The programming in the remote as far as the smart start functions can not loose its setting or program if the battery in it goes dead. If the dealer can not get the remote to program again it is either the wrong remote for the car or the remote is bad or the dealer is incompetent. Once a Smart key is programmed to a car it can not be reprogrammed again to any other car. It is a one time deal.
The door lock functions of the remote are a different story. This can be done .That is not hard to program but still requires a Toyota scan tool and software.

This details will help.

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