Sunday, May 13, 2012

2001 Toyota Corolla: IAC Pin out Wire details?

Testing the Idle Air Control Motor and wiring details.

On the idle air control motor the middle pin is the 12 V signal or power feed. This is a black wire. With the connector disconnected you should have 12 V. The Brown wire is the ground wire that controls the ground circuit for this duty cycle solenoid valve. The black wire with a blue tracer is your pulse width modulation wire back to the engine control computer. The computer duty cycles this wire on a square wave pattern to control the on and off time of this Rotary control valve.

Also in cases of Idle issues,i will suggest to clean the IAC valve.

For that remove the throttle body and then remove the idle air control motor from the bottom of the throttle body. Clean both the bore and plate of the throttle body and clean the carbon from the idle speed control motor. This idle speed control motor is notorious for getting carbon buildup.

This details will help.

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