Friday, May 11, 2012

1992 Lexus LS400: Engine overheats, Antifreeze out of reservoir and heater Blows Cold Air?

In this type of case you will notice that Temp goes up and down,the thermostat gets overheated and due to this Coolant gets pushed out of radiator reservoir bottle.
But Heater blows Cold air,actually this is temporary cooling,

The heater blows cold air because when you lose coolant the heater is the first thing it starts for coolant and will blow cold air. What you need to do is remove the thermostat and install just the gasket. Drive the vehicle. If it continues to overheat then you have either leaking head gasket or something crack in one of the valve guide seats or the head itself. If you have good flow through the radiator tank then it's not a radiator restriction or water pump circulation issue while the thermostat is out.

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