Monday, May 21, 2012

Car Runs Fine But Check Engine light is ON?

Car is showing no driving issues or problems but check engine light is ON.
In this case the driving can be continued.
Provided that the check engine light has not started to flash and there is no loss of performance.The most of the time this ends up being an emissions related failure. This could be anything from a loose or leaking gas cap due to corrosion at the filler neck or being something wrong with the charcoal canister or one of the vacuum switching valves going to it. If you have vehicle skid control the VSC light will come on by default. If you can get to a nearby AutoZone or O'Reilly in most states they do free engine code reads. With this malfunction code you can continue further troubleshooting. If its loose gas cap then simply secure the gas cap then have the codes cleared at the same parts store or possibly even you can remove the negative battery cable and this will erase the memory in the computer. This will however delete the memory in your radio settings and other controls.That you will have to reset.

As far as the gas cap being tightened that is always the first thing to do but you need to make sure there's no corrosion around the metal portion of the filler neck so that the rubber seal is nice and tight against the filler neck. The light will not off until the system runs its self test again and everything passes. This can take several drive cycles. The only other way to turn the light off is to clear with a code reader or by removing the negative battery cable. So instead of paying $60 up $100 to have a repair shop pull the malfunction codes and do a preliminary diagnosis, any AutoZone in most states will do this for free. This is a courtesy service that they offer to try and sell additional parts. Make sure you ask them for the specific malfunction code number it should start with the letter designator P and have for numbers after it. The code number does not necessarily tell you exactly what's going on but it get you in the ballpark.So you can start troubleshooting from there.

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