Thursday, July 14, 2011

how to adjust push pull throttle on honda crf-230

Getting to the carb and changing jets can be intimidating, especially if you're stumped by a "normal" carb. The Honda is incredibly complicated and even has a dual cable push/pull throttle. You can get to the carb without removing it, but we found it much easier to do the changes with carb off the bike, nice and free.

In order to have easy access to the carb, remove the gas tank, seat and side panels


This cable should be removed. Honda uses two cables on the carb. One pulls and one pushes


This cable should be retained. Loosen the jam nuts and slip the cable out of the way


The locking nut on the throttle housing must be loosened in order to remove the push cable

Remove the push cable from the throttle housing

The remaining throttle cable should detached from the linkage


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