Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MAF testing on Chevy blazer?

The voltage reading should be around 2.5 volts. If out of range, or if the sensor’s voltage output fails to increase when the throttle is opened with the engine running, the sensor may be defective. Check the orange and black feed wire for 12 volts, and the black wire for a good ground. Power to the MAF sensor is provided through a pair of relays (one for power, one for the burn-off cleaning cycle), so check the relays too, if the MAF sensor appears to be dead or sluggish. If the sensor works but is slow to respond to changes in air flow, the problem may be a contaminated sensing element caused by a failure in the self-cleaning circuit or relay. With GM Delco MAF sensors, attach a digital voltmeter to the appropriate MAF sensor output terminal. With the engine idling, the sensor should output a steady 2.5 volts. Tap lightly on the sensor and note the meter reading. A good sensor should show no change. If the meter reading jumps and/or the engine momentarily misfires, the sensor is bad and needs to be replaced.

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