Monday, July 18, 2011

where is the fuse for transmission control module located on 93 subaru legacy.

It's on the left side dash , but it's actually bolted high up on the firewall. Stick your head down to were the base of the gas/break pedal area, and look up. It's a metal (look at the first post in the reverse engineering thread) and it may have a a few relays attached to the bottom of it.

look at the wiring diagrams and diagnostic sections for this page:

Over on the far right we see that the solenoid presents between 10-17 ohms of resistance.

Consequently, this is the number that the TCM expects to see when the solenoid is functioning properly. Above or below that number by too much and the TCM will throw a fault code.

track down the wire that carries the TCM signal to the solenoid. Back to the FSM:

We're looking for the AWD transfer solenoid which is called the "Duty Solenoid C" in my manual. As you can see, it can be found at terminal 15 of connector B54

Looking at the layout of the B54 connector, we see the physical location of pin 15

So, where exactly is this connector located in the car? Well, it's on the TCM. Which you'll find mounted just to the left of the steering column. Crawl into the driver's side footwell and look up, you'll see it. Here are some pics to give you an idea of what you're looking for. Note the orientation of the brake pedal to get your bearings


Ok - so the connector we're interested in is the white one (located closest to the firewall). We've seen the location of the wire on the connector diagram of B54.

According to the tests procedures - we need to install the FWD fuse and turn the ignition to "on". The FWD fuse is located in the engine compartment fuseblock.

Remove the lid and locate the FWD fuse position

The fuse probably goes here:

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