Sunday, September 18, 2011

how to replace stator on Suzuki motor cycle?

Youll need:

Allen wrenches - To remove the fairings and later remove the stator from the cover.

8mm socket - To remove the bolts holding stator cover on.

Flat head screwdriver - To break the seal between the cover and engine.

Red loctite or thread lock - For some of the screws.

Razor - To remove peices of the gasket stuck to the gasket surface.

Sealant - This is optional. Me and others have used no sealant without any leaks. If a new gasket is provided with the cover it will be better than stock, so sealant may not be needed. But if you find yourself using a stock gasket than alittle sealant may help to seal it up. If you decide to use sealant than blue RTV or suzuki's bond will be good enough.

-----------Lets get started. To remove the stator cover youll have to remove the left fairing first. We are not going to go over how to remove the fairings. If you dont know how to remove your fairings then you probably shouldnt be doing this.

Once the fairing is off you can begin removing the stator cover.

Remove the 8 bolts holding the cover on. Youll need a ratchet and 8mm socket. All the bolts are a different length and its important they go back in the same place. Its a good idea to lay them out and arrange them the way they go on the cover. This is so you can put them back in the right place when you install the new cover.

Put a drain pan under the stator cover to catch any oil that may drip out. Just to be on the safe side. A little oil is going to drip out so this is a good idea.

The stator is magnetic and can be alittle hard to pull away. Use a small flat head screwdriver and carefully pry between the cover to brake the seal. A little oil may drip out. Use some caution here. It doesnt take much.

It will take a little effort to pull it away but it will come free.

Once its off a little oil may run out, but not much. To anyone who wondered, you will not loose a lot of oil if any at all. I did this on the bikes kick stand and hardly any oil came out. And the bike was leaning on the side stand the whole time I did it. There will not be an oil spill.

To remove the stator from the old cover, remove the silver retainer that holds the wire(its kind of covered by a piece of the old gasket ). Then remove the three allen head bolts at the center of the stator.

They provide a new gasket. So no need to worry or run to the dealer. Keep it off to the side and out of the way. Thats so you dont bend or break it.

This is the protective skid plate that comes with it. I chose the natural finish. They provide 3 screws with o-rings to install it. Dont loose them.

Use red loctite or thread locker on the screws that will hold the skid plate on.

Install the screws from the back side of the cover to bolt the skid plate on.

When putting the stator in the new cover, use red thread locker or loctite on the 3 bolts that hold it at the center.

Use red loctite or threadlocker on the bolt that holds the silver retainer. Once the wire retainer in bolted on, make sure it is clear of the rotor and does not touch it.

Now you can get ready to put the new cover on the bike. Make sure all the bolts holding the wire retainer and stator on are tight.

Now you can put the new gasket on.

Once the new gasket is on. You can put the cover back on.

When you put the new cover on the magnet pulls it on fast so watch your fingers.

Now you can put the 8 bolts back in making sure they go in the right wholes they came from. That is important. Make sure you put the bolts back in the whole it came out of.

Once its on, make sure everything is tight. Clean the area around the cover and gasket. Run the bike and inspect it for leaks. If everything is working fine then put the fairing back on and RIDE!

Use the razor to remove any piece of the old gasket still stuck to the surface. Make sure it is all off.

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