Tuesday, September 20, 2011

L1B wire to new control board on GE Electric Single

This is customer expert conversation giving details of how to wire:---


old control had the following lugs:
Green - Ground
Black - connected in parallel to L1A and L1B
White w/plastic end - Neutral
White w/o plastic end - OVL2
Brown - OVL1
Purple - Broil
Yellow - Bake

Simple enough, right? Well, my new control is the same except:
*2 neutral lugs - I assume it doesn't matter which I use
*No L1B for my black wire to connect to (so my black wire is connected to L1A, and the extra lug is hanging); the place where L1B should be is printed on the pc board, but there's no tab for me to connect to
*No ground for my green wire to connect to (again, the place is labelled on the pc board, but no tab to connect to)

So, figuring what the hey, I turned the circuit back on, and my clock works, and I can turn the oven on...but the heating elements don't heat. Likewise for broil. So, I figure that black wire must be pretty important. Where the heck do I connect it?



just called repairclinic asking for verification that I received the correct diagram...they swear I did (and that dealing with these is super-difficult and I should probably call a professional out) but I just don't see how a diagram that clearly has multiple additional relays could possibly be right compared to the part I am holding in my hand...

for the record, here is what the back of the control I received looks like.


Expert reply to customer :---

I called Partselect up and checked to see if they might have some method of getting me the correct instructions; they don't, but recommended I call GE. Jumped throguh some hoops at GE, and eventually was talking to the lady at the "answer center." She did some checking and determined

Looks like L1B should go on the COM of the broil relay of this new control.

I figured out that current needed to be connected to the common lug on the relays.

L1B to connect to the common on the bake relay also? Seems that they have gone from 1 L1B that's on the backplane of both relays to having a separate common on each relay. Is it possible that you will have to connect the L1B to both the bake and broil relay in order for both of them to function appropriately?

service center
They responded:
On the controls we have installed the L1B only needs to be connected to the COM of the one relay and the other relay(s) will get the connection through the board from that relay.

Thanks experts, my problem solved, this is what i did:---

Oven's now back in one piece after connecting L1B to the backplane of the broil relay. All is well.

Thanks, my oven is working now.

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