Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What is error code p0410 on Chevrolet Equinox?

The P0410 code refers to the emissions system. The AIR pump puts air to the exhaust to lower emissions. It takes in outside air and pumps it through two one-way check valves into each bank of the exhaust.

About 90% of the time that this code is set, the one-way check valves have worn out or failed and allow water (which occurs naturally in the exhaust) back into the pump. In any cold climate, especially in climates with higher humidity, this water may be more excessive. The water partially fills the AIR pump, it can then freeze. When the PCM commands the pump on, if the pump is frozen it cannot turn, thus overloading the circuit and "popping" the fuse.


Possibly symptoms :
MIL illumination obviously
Hesitation on acceleration
Noise from a bad/stuck AIR pump.
A code P0410 code is there due to one of the following:
Water may have collected in the AIR pump or the vent solenoid and frozen or corroded the pump

Blown AIR pump fuse due to freezing up.

Some owners may comment on the check engine light being illuminated. Upon
investigation, the technician may find a DTC P0410 indicating there is a concern in the
secondary air injection system.
This concern may be attributed to water that may have collected in the AIR pump or the
vent solenoid and frozen or corroded the pump.
Replace the AIR pump and install a new inlet hose and solenoid tube assembly using
the following procedure:
1. Prep vehicle.
2. Raise vehicle on hoist.
3. Remove shield covering AIR pump.
4. Remove hose and vacuum lines from pump and solenoid.
5. Remove AIR pump inlet hose. Do not re-use.
6. Disconnect electrical connectors from pump and solenoid.
7. Remove pump mounting bolts and pump.
8. Transfer isolators from the old pump to the new pump.
9. Install new AIR pump and bolts to vehicle. Tighten the bolts to 17N·m (12.5 lb ft).
10. Route new hose assembly up between engine and fender. It should come up near
the area between the battery and the coolant bottle.
11. Connect new inlet hose to pump inlet.
12. Connect old outlet hose to pump outlet.
13. Connect electrical connector to pump.
14. Connect electrical connector for solenoid to connector on the new hose assembly.
15. Connect the hose with the white nipple to the vacuum source hose.
16. Connect the remaining hose to the shut off valve.
17. Install shield covering AIR pump.
18. Lower vehicle.
19. Remove coolant reservoir nut nearest the battery.
20. Route new hose assembly between the battery and the coolant reservoir with the
solenoid on top.
21. Install the solenoid bracket onto the coolant reservoir stud and reinstall the nut
back into the vehicle.
22. Use a wire tie to keep the new hose assembly away from the engine. On four
cylinder engines, tie to the AIR outlet hose. On six cylinder engines, tie to an
available hole in the radiator fan shroud.

  • Replace the AIR pump AND one-way check valve
  • Test and clean the AIR pump AND test and replace the one-way air check valve
  • Replace the AIR pump inlet hose
  • Replace the AIR pump fuse (found under the hood)

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