Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blue Water Warning Light on Dash?

VEHICLE: Volkswagen Beetle 2000 Year model.

PROBLEM:  Warning light comes up on dash while driving.Its blue light .It shows sign of water.


Its a warning light to indicate you the problem.

The blue water Warning light is for the low coolant level.
The warning light says then coolant level is low in your car then required.Either its leaking or its got low by natural way which happens by time.After few moths the coolant needs to be filled.So first check that the coolant is up to the mark on the translucent tank
If the coolant is LOW,then get the coolant line pressure tested by pressure tool.The tool can be easily available at local auto part stores.If pressure is not leaking then refill the coolant in its reservoir.

But If coolant is properly full and up to its mark  then its possible that the coolant level switch / sensor is faulty or stuck.

For that issue you need to try unplugging the coolant level switch/sensor.
On VW beetle the coolant level switch/sensor is located  on the side of the tank.
Properly check that its connection is bright and clean and that the wire is not damaged/loose or worn out.
If this seems Ok then you can remove the level switch and give it a good clean with fresh water to ensure its de-scaled.
Then reconnect and check.
All should be good.

These details will help.

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