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Vehicle model 1996 Lincoln Towncar

Hope these procedure helps to turn off the Air suspension light.

First of all access the Airsuspension module.For that you need to remove  glove box . The Air  suspension control module is mounted on the AC/Heater box .
The Module has black connector and a gray connector. 

Now here the actual procedure starts.
If you Unplug the black connector ,that it will turn off the "check air suspension light" but with that it will also disable your power steering tension (variable assist steering) control on the left side of the steering column. 

So to only turn off check air suspension light and not power steering control the trick is to  unplug the black connector and then you need to remove the dark green/light green wire pin from the connector (pin #11) and then reconnect that black connector to the module. That will disable only the check air suspension light. 

Also you can  just identify that black connector to the module and cut the green wire. And be sure to isolate that wire because the "check air suspension light" will come on if it touches ground.


FOR same problem 2001 Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension Light will not go off

To turn the light off and disable the air suspension, you have to disconnect the air suspension module.
The module is located in the luggage compartment, exactly behind the air suspension switch.
To access the Suspension module pull back the wall carpet and remove the 2 nuts that hold the suspension module. Unplug the suspension module and bolt the module back in place.

But disconnecting the module connector will also disable the active steering system. 

As mentioned in the previous section on the older Lincolns you could cut a green wire and that would kill the light. The newer ones like this one have the suspension/steering module communicating over a data bus with the instrument cluster. There has to be some faking the suspension module out to get the light to stay off. The steering/suspension module on this year is located behind the dash. 



Is the vehicles ride height high or low on any corner?
Since no such air ride issues are noticed then it may something simple as just a corroded electrical connector or a air ride height sensor thats failing. To know whats wrong you must get a scan tool hooked up and retrieve the stored fault codes. The error code will point out what is causing the Suspension light to remain ON.
The suspension light come on if you either turn the system off or if its a problem in the system. Either way you are fine to go ahead and drive it with he light on as long as it hold ride height till you can get it in for repair.

These details will help.

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