Sunday, July 22, 2012

DSG automatic transmission problem

VEHICLE: 2009 Volkswagen Golf
Transmission details: DSG automatic transmission
ENGINE: 1.4 TSI petrol.

PROBLEM: Vehicle Suddenly Took OFF While Parking
Why the car suddenly takes off while driving?


First of all i will say that these types of issues are known.Many of our customers come with this types of problem at out repair garage.

Issues are very commonly known and noticed on  DSG gearboxes.
The problems noticed are like, when you go to pull away from stand still there is a delay and then a harsh jerkness forward, more so in slow speed conditions, there is always going to be a small delay from standstill to pull-away .These problems are noticed because of the DSG gear box design.
The DSG gearbox is designed to do this as it selects 2 gears at once, and initially you pull away in 2nd gear , then it drops down to 1st when it sees the wheels rotating.
Also the known problems with either the clutch packs or the Mechatronic control unit, which cause these similar problems that you have experienced.
I suggest you to get these issue checked/inspected by dealer. It is a main dealer issue.
Also when replacing these components as they have to be set up and a basic setting carried out .
The parts are not cheap to replace, the Mechatronic unit on its own is around £1400 just for the part.

There was no actual recall or service bulletin released by VW about these problem.But these same problem is noticed on many VW vehicles with DSG transmission gear box.So they must be very much aware of this issue and can get the correct part replaced.If you have no warranty left and if this is the faulty component, i would ask the main dealer if there is any "Good Will" from Volkswagen regarding this issue, and they may contribute towards the repair, sometimes they will pay for the whole repair.

These details will help.

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