Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Clutch Pedal No pressure

Replace faulty clutch with aftermarket clutch kit.

VEHICLE: 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

QUESTION: Why clutch pedal feels loose and no pressure?


If the new clutch kit is properly replaced,then all should work properly.Definitely something is gone wrong.Normally these clutch replacing procedure is not very confusing.Its easy and straight forwards.
But as you mentioned that clutch pedal feels loose and there is no pressure then, most likely cause is clutch release bearing is left off. When you remove the cover and rod, there is a round spacer that also acts as a bearing, when its left off, you will have a loose pedal, and the clutch will not disengage.

See part number 16 shown in the diagram below:---
VW clutch
When you buy the new clutch kit,the bearing comes with the kit.May be you have not removed the old bearing(part number 16) or you have removed the bearing but not installed new bearing.To confirm these you need to look at the linkage.For that You  have to pull the cover off number 13 and take a look at the linkage. I know some aftermarket clutches, the bearing may be a different size that the original.
On some repair at out Auto garage its noticed that if the lever was pulled back, the bearing can drop off the linkage inside the cover . To confirm this the cover can be removed with the transmission in place, it is just pressed in.For that you can use a very flat type wedge and slightly pry around the cover . Also the cable on this car, needs to be compressed back so that you can re-install the cable. This many times can be difficult, it requires pulling and pushing the cable back in, and using a tool to hold the cable compressed. There is a procedure to compress the cable, and this can be a task by itself.
Its not at all a tough task.But all basic repair tools are required.If you feel its out of reach,then get the process completed by profession garage repair tech.
Also get the tranny fluid checked.

You can check the level once the car is on the ground level. Using the speedo gear as a dipstick there should be oil to the bottom part of the shaft.

These details will help.

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