Monday, July 16, 2012

Fix For Water On Front Footwell on Renault

Noticed water getting collected/messing up on front foot well.
Is it water draining there or is it leaking.

Getting water in the front foot wells,The water appears through the bottom.

There are many such issues noticed by others too,that water getting on front foot well or noticed water on rear foot well.
The Fix details are as follows:---

Inspect the door.
In one of case at our garage the leak was coming through the door, tracking down the back of the card, and running inside both sets of seals and down into the carpet.

The reason water gets collected and then leak because ,
Its the case of normal door failure, where the door fills with water and overflows into the car; that has enough water to hear it slosh around. The water spills/ falls against the door card, and tracking down and in.


The issue noticed at our garage the passenger foot well/carpet getting wet on Renault model.
The reason was door deal was replaced by the customer but was not replaced correctly.So inspect door deal on case too.

On one of other case with same problem the windscreen was replaced.But the issue was same as before the fitting was incorrect.
Mostly what happens that the front windscreen rubber remains on top of the door rubber.And that creates the gap where water gets collected and the water spills one over water is collected.

If that is in your case too,then using a small screwdriver,  pull the door seal out so if it is trapped then it gets released from  under the windscreen rubber.

On some cases the issue is dirt,leaves or you can say algae.These gets collected in the drainage net and blocks the water to get drained from its actual way and that causes leak.Inspect the door seals.If they are blocked /filled up by dust/dirt then get them properly cleaned.


The door cads are stuck up on door.And these cause door to not seal properly.a minute gap gets created.Its actually a sticking strip that gets worn out.It looses its stickiness and needs replacing.
At Renault dealer ship this original strip costs abut $70 to $80.But at local auto parts store these same type of after market mastic stretch door seal reel strip costs for about $10 to $20.

You have to replace these old stick strip.For that remove the door card then scratch the old worn out strip and stick new mastic door seal reel strip to right position.
It will be good if you clean the area before you apply new strip.The thickness should be approx 6mm to 8mm.Not less hat that or more then that.If the strip thickness is lees then same problem will occur,if the thickness is more then door cars will not refit.
Once all clean and dry, unwind the mastic and stretch it a bit till its about 6-8mm thick .
Do not overfill the slot on the door card where the original strip was. If its too thick then you will have problems reattaching the doorcard to the frame evenly and getting the clips to reattach correctly.
once the mastic seal is fitted then fit the door card.You have to press the card very firmly to the frame to ensure a good seal all round the door card.
Once all these is done,then take a mug of water and pout it into the door frame line and see if waer is leaking inside to the foot well or not.
If it leaks from inside then same seal trick has to be done from inside like you did outside.
There should be about enough mastic for 2 door cards.

To inspect the leak remove the door trim.
The leak is mostly noticed through seal door mirror and glass seal.

The water  drips onto the inner part of the door trim.But if you carefully see there is a very smooth curve on door trim and due to this the direction of the water gets diverted to the bottom seal between the trim and the door. The bottom seal of the trim and door coincide with the rubber seal on the bottom of the door frame. 

Many clients think the water is getting to the foot well from under the floor.Yes its possible but not always.On some cases like these the water pass through the door-trim seal to the rubber seal, Due to the curving door trim seal.The rubber seal soaks water and passes water under the door frame plastics to the bottom of the footwell.And footwell gets wet.

To GET these problem fixed.

Carefully see,on the bottom of he door there are two Darin have o diver he flow o water towards that drain holes.
To do this Use thick plastic A storage bag or thick garden hose bag is good.Then glue this plastic bag or any other good looking plastic material between the door and door trim.This will make water gets into the drain holes.If the drain is covered by cap,then remove those capo,to make the water enter the drain holes.

This details will help.

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