Monday, April 30, 2012

1992 Toyota Camry: Master Switch Not Operating Power Window?

All other windows except passenger side power windows are getting operated by master switch.The master switch is on Drivers side.

In this cases the problem can be loose ,short wire or problem is power window motor on passenger side or its issue with master switch itself.
But as its provided that master switch is operating all other power windows,this confirms that master switch on driver side is ok.
So first try this.Remove power window motor from passenger side door panel. Now with that motor try operating any other door power window.If the power window works then motor is fine.If the power window is not functioning then motor is faulty.

Suppose the other power window works with passenger side power window motor then,its loose or shorted or crimped wire some where.

Before we get into a lot of heavy electrical checks and diagnosis what I need you to do is to remove the left plastic kick panel you'll see two connectors that go up into a rubber boot that goes between the door and the body. Disconnect these two electrical connectors push the rubber boot out of the body plug so that you have the harness in between the door jam then un tape the rubber boot and peel the rubber boot back you'll probably find that these wires are broken inside this rubber boot were it goes between the door and the body. Make sure you tug on the wires a little bit and you will find them cracked and broken.

This details will help.

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