Monday, April 30, 2012

2011 Toyota Prius 111: Inaccurate Speedometer Reading?

The speedometer reading is few kilometer faster compare to the Garmin GPS reading.

Due to this the reading shown for odometer, miles traveled,the speed all gets wrong.

In this types of cases,The first thing to do is check the tire size and make sure it is what is supposed to be on there. Next check the Odometer against actual miles traveled and see if it is registering actual miles. If it is off then there is something possibly in the speed sensors or inputs. If the odometer is is good mile per mile traveled then th issue may be in the speedometer assembly itself. If this is the case have the dealer check and test it. Some GPS units are not as accurate as the speedometer also. Traveling 60 mph and going 1 mile in one minute is the best way to physically check it. Just convert that to kilometers. As far as water it is never a good idea to travel through any flooded water in a car. It does not take much to make a car float and was away at least momentarily until it sinks. :-( Some water to a point is not going to affect the HV systems or battery on this car everything is sealed.

As the car is under warranty,so get the speed head inspected at dealer.

This details will help.

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