Monday, April 30, 2012

1995 Toyota LS: Misfire at idle or low RPM

The intermittent misfire problem.
The cylinder 2 misfires sometimes but not regularly.

First the basics needs to be checked inspected.
the Spark plug wires,ignition coils,distributor cap,rotors, all needs to be checked.In most cases this parts are weak or faulty causing the problem.
But if all this parts are already checked ok or replaced.THEN,
The intermittent misfire would probably rule out compression unless there was an issue with a valve sticking but this is usually associated with some ticking noise. If the problem is intermittent it may be a problem with the injector. You can try and swap number 2 with one of the other cylinders to see if the problem transfers to that cylinder. It sounds like you have ruled out the ignition things which only leaves injectors or compression.

But if all injectors are also checked OK then,in some cases the problem was crank sensor.
A crank sensor normally will not cause this without setting a code. But if there is no Code set in vehicles computer then, Have you checked for any intake leaks? If not then please check.This is about the only thing that would cause a misfire at idle or low RPM but not be noticed on harder acceleration.

This details will help.

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