Monday, April 30, 2012

2004 Toyota Celica: OBD code P0012?

Buying old Toyota with error code P0012.

Error codes occurs on every car brand and models.But if you are into buying this car,with error code P0012,then its not advisable.

This code indicates that over retard problem with the valve timing and camshaft. Usually this means something in the VVTI actuator or possible sludge build up inside the engine. This can be a very expensive repair. And more than likely you may be dealing with a timing chain being stretched also. It's not a matter of staying away from engines with the VVTI because most engines have this now since about 2001. You just need to get one that's been maintained well.In other-words,its a deal of loss.
Still to confirm,Pull the valve cover and check inside and look at the camshaft timing and for the sludge.

This details will help.

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