Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Toyota Prius: Battery Recharging?

Many New Prius car owners ask this question.Basically they gets confused.
The Problem about battery recharging.
There is no front end battery to use for recharging your battery on the newest Prius car models.

On older model 2007 , 2008 Toyota Prius models charging is very easy, which can be charged up front, instead of taking the whole back compartment apart to get at the back battery.

But that's not true,the charge point is still in the fuse box on the drivers side under the hood it is just slight different looking and a little smaller that is all.

About this car i will say, So far it has been a great car.Allot of nice improvements over the last gen prius. Just get the service records if you buy a used one.

This details will help.

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