Monday, April 30, 2012

2002 Lexus GS300: Short after Incorrect Jumper Cables?

The jumper cables got connected incorrectly/ wrong.
Due to this the short will be noticed.In many cases you will notice,.that any of this basic components will stop operating.

The radio will not turn on, the dome lights are inop, the clock does not work, the door lock on the key is inop.
But vehicle starts stops fine.There will be no problem in driving.

Typically in this types of cases it will only pop fuses. Make sure that you check all of the fuses both inside the vehicle and under the hood. Check especially the gauge fuse and dome light fuse and ignition fuses. If you can check for voltage to these fuses also there are several radio fuses involved. It is rare to see component damages when the system is jumped backwards.

On this vehicle models The fuse panel on the drivers kick panel area and the one under the hood. Inspect fuses in both fuse panels.

This details will help.

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