Monday, April 30, 2012

Toyota Prius: Hybrid Warning Light?

It can be related to the 12v battery being low especially if it should the park on level ground warning. This usually means the 12v battery is falling and this in turn causes communication errors and codes in the HV system. Auto Zone can read the Engine computer codes nothing else but that is free and there may be some codes there that can help and try and save you some $$ They can test the 12 battery also. It may not be as good as the dealer but is free.

The problem started after Replacing Drivers side running lights:---
No it is not likely an issue with the lights. The HID lights had a corrosion issue with the level sensor but that shows a warning light on the display indicating a problem in the light system. Bulbs can not affect the HV systems.

This details will help.

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