Monday, April 30, 2012

1994 Toyota Camry: Bypass Tail light Relay Circuit?

The Tail light relay and circuit got short.Repairing will cost approx 300 dollars with parts included.
If you dont want to spend $300.Then there is one procedure to by pass the tail light relay and circuit.

Also there will be no tail light warning on dash after Bypass.

Normally the  circuit board gets shorted out by moisture in the tail light housing.
In some cases inspecting the circuit board and re-soldering the shorted points helps.But its not the solution in all cases.

At the light failure relay, clip and tap off the Yellow wire with the green tracer. This will shut the light off in the dash.

For the tail lights to bypass the relay, clip the green wire pin 3 and clip the Light Green wire pin 9. Strip the insulation from the ends of these 2 wires and soldier and tape them together.

To bypass the stop lights clip the Green wire with the white tracer pin 7 and the Green wire with the Red tracer pin 2 and the Red wire pin 1 and soldier the 3 of these together.

Secure the wires with tape then unplug the relay connector and secure it to the harness. Make sure you check all of the bulbs and make sure the LEAD contacts are not melted. Or just replace all the bulbs.

This details will help.

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