Monday, April 30, 2012

2001 Toyota 4Runner: OBD Code P0500?

The Check engine light Came ON dash.Scanning the Vehicle ECM shows code P0500.
This code is a basic speed sensor code malfunction. If you have traction control and vehicle skid control systems onboard this means there are four individual wheel speed sensors which report to the ABS/traction control computer. From there the signal is sent to the combination meter which drives the speedometer needle and then the signal is then condition and sent to the engine control computer. This code basically just means that the engine control computer is not seeing a speed sensor input. If there is an individual wheel speed sensor malfunction it normally will set an individual code in the ABS/traction control computer. If those codes are not set for any of the individual wheel speed sensors then this code by default means there is a problem with the speed sensor that is built into the back of the speedometer head.

This details will help to troubleshoot and confirm the problem.

Hope all goes well.

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