Monday, April 30, 2012

2009 Toyota Camry: Hood Switch causing Alarm to go OFF?

Reset the Security Alarm System after replacing Hood Sensor switch.

 There is nothing that has to be done to make the system work once the hood latch pin switch is replaced. The system should work as normal by using the remote. There is a Techinical service bulletin about problems with the switch causing the security system to go off. To test the system open a window and arm the system and wait a minute or two then reach in and try to unlock the door and see if the alarm goes off. Then use the remote to unlock and shut it off.

But if that is not helping then,Not all smart keys came with the security system. You need to inquire with the dealer to find out if you have the security options installed on your vehicle. But if you are sure that you do, then you need to have the dealer take care of this is to be covered under warranty.

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