Saturday, June 2, 2012

1996 Pontiac Grand AM: Key Stuck up in Ignition?

The Key will not come out of ignition.
In this case there is a manual procedure to release the key.But this is ignition lock cylinder problem.
To remove the key out, take the screw driver and under the steering column in the lower will see a small hole.There is a minute button in that hole. Just insert the screwdriver in the hole and press the button hard with the screwdriver and slowly pull the key out.

Then remove the screw driver.Now again inset the key in the ignition lock and see if its coming out easily or getting stuck up again.

If its getting stuck up,then replace ignition lock cylinder.

This is a symptom of the ignition lock cylinder beginning to fail. You will need to replace it or have it replaced before it fails completely.

This details will help.

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