Thursday, June 21, 2012

2006 Chrysler 300C: Fog Light Blows?

Right side fog light bulb blows out repeatedly.Bulb is new,but still blows out in few minutes.

In most cases its short in wiring issue.

Either its due to problem with  Bulb quality ( the most common problem nowadays)
OR its, Too much voltage in the system
If you had a voltage problem, then you would have several blown bulbs as they are all connected to the same vehicle system and get the same voltage .
Test the voltage to confirm the issue.
If you have a multimeter, then you can check the system voltage by connecting you tester at the battery terminals. You should see something between 12,8v-14,8v with the engine running.
Make sure you use some known brands for bulbs like : Osram, Philips, Wagner, Silvania.
Make sure there is a good contact within the bulb connector as well.If the socket where bulb fits is dirty or wet,then turn the engine off and clean the socket with garage cloth.

In many such cases its seen that most common reason for voltage fluctuation is a faulty battery even though it may start the car.
Make also sure battery terminals are clean and tight. You will also need to check body and engine ground, thick wire connection at the back of the alternator, thick cable at the power distribution center( fuse box).

This details will help.

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