Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ford F150: Engine Consuming Lots of Oil?

Heave oil consumption on Ford F150.This all started after replacing Spark plug,which blew out of head.

The engine is consuming lots of oil.

The vehicle is 1999 ford F150 5.4L Engine model.

Only 2 things I have seen in the 5.4L to cause this much oil consumption is a bad pcv causing too much crankcase pressure into the intake system or the piston rings. Pull your pcv valve and see if it or the hose is coated in oil and replace as needed.

If ok, then do an engine compression check and the cylinders with low compression will need rings, which really means doing all of them to equalize pressure in all cylinders.

Also the other possibility as you mentioned that all problem started after taking care of spark plug,which got blown out of head.

It is possible that the repair to the head has the spark plug in too deep and you have a hole in the piston. depending upon the size of the hole, you may not have a noticable loss of power. I would start with removing the plug on the cylinder that blew the plug out and using a boroscope to inspect the piston. If nothing seen, then do a compression test on it.

If this started immediately upon completion of repair to that cylinder plug hole for blow out plug, then this is most likely problem

This details will help.

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