Friday, June 1, 2012

Chevy Silverado: Steering wheel vibrates AND hums?

In this case first try this.Drive the vehicle and take left as well as right turns.Then see if the noise gets louder while turning or this vibrating and humming stops at left or right turn/curve or remains all the time.

Basically this issue is related to faulty hub bearing.Its worn out.If the noise stops while taking right turn then right hub bearing needs to be inspected.Same way if noise and hum vibration stop while taking left turn then left hub bearing needs to be checked.

So if noise stops when taking right hand curve turn then follow this:--------

You need to check the right hand front hub bearing and right rear hub bearing. When you make a right hand turn, all the load(weight) is removed from them and hence the noise and vibration stops.

with right tires off the ground, shake the tires back and forth, up and down, and in and outwards. Whichever one has play in it, replace that hub/axle bearing.

Most times it is the front, so I would start by checking it first.

And if Noise starts while taking Left hand curve /turns then then inspect the left hand bearings and wheel.

This details will help.

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