Sunday, June 10, 2012

2006 Ford Freestar: Misfire on Cylinder Number 2?

Misfire issues on Cylinders.

Test and inspect the plug wires.Also Get Fuel pressure tested.It should be 55 psi.Or near to it.

Make sure there is good spark jumping from the coil to the #2 cylinder wire. If the coil checks ok, there are a couple of other things to check. First- take an Ohms reading for the injector. Unplug the electrical connector, and take a reading across the 2 blades on the injector. If the reading is not between 11-18Ohms, the injector will need to be repalced. If the injector checks ok, test for air leaks at the base of the intake around cylinder #2. If these all check ok, you will then need to run a cylinder compression test.

This details will help.

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