Monday, June 25, 2012

2002 Buick Rendezvous: Add Refrigerant In A/C System?

How much refrigerant to Add.
How To Add Refrigerant.
Should the compressor be running.
When the A/C will start cooling after refrigerant is added.

I suggest getting this job done by proper professional garage tech.The A/C repair shop garage technicians all the required tools to get the refrigerant added to your Air-conditioning System.

I am not saying that you cannot do this task,but to do this you need all basic required tools.

Now For your Queries the solution and reply is as follows:-----------

As soon as you fill the refrigerant.It should start cooling right away. If not then it is still low. If the gauge on your can reads in psi, it should be at 28-35psi with the compressor on.You will have to fill until needle reads in that range.

Please Note If you fill too much refrigerant this can cause damage, which is why at shops they use a recycling machine to evacuate the system and measure that amount, then put that back in plus the needed amount. The procedure tell accurately how much refrigerant/Freon is required to make the system cool.

One more important note the gages on the cans which you buy at a store are not always accurate, which is why i recommend having a shop do it, but if you still want to do it yourself, stop adding when the pressure is between 28-35psi and you should feel cold air immediately with that pressure range, unless there is another issue with the ac system.Like System leak or issue with A/C wiring or circuit.

About how to add refrigerant is just have to connect the refrigerant can to the recharging port and letting the compressor run.

You cannot add refrigerant to the ac system on the low side if compressor is not running as the low side is the suction side and requires the compressor to suck the refrigerant in.If the compressor is not running then, It can only be added thru the high side which requires a recycling machine.

So, to do this at home, you will have to jumper the compressor to come on. To do this, you have to disconnect the harness connector to the compressor, and then run jumper wires from the battery to the compressor.

Once you do this, BEFORE adding refrigerent, check to see if the ac is blowing cold. If it is, then there is an issue in the wiring circuit to the compressor not allowing it to come on.

If it is not blowing cold, then add refrigerent to system until reading 28-35 psi. At that point, disconnect the jumper wires and plug the harness connector back in.

This will let your Air Conditioner blow cold/cooling air.

This details and possibilities will help.

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