Friday, June 1, 2012

1998Chevy Tracker: Knocking Sound From Engine?

Engine started making knocking due to low oil.The vehicle was driven for few miles and knocking started getting even louder.

you can try adding a qt of lucas oil treatment to try to quieten some, but it wont undo the damage already done. The deeper knocking is indicative of either a spun/seized rod or crankshaft main bearing.

Unfortunately the only real two choices to keep this vehicle are to either have a lower end rebuild, or install an used or remanufactured engine.

A rebuild will run about $2100 due to high labor hours involved. A used engine will run about $2200 parts and labor and a remanufactured engine will about $2800 parts and labor

Its recommended in manual as well as by many car garages that dont drive your vehicle when oil level is low.In most cases low oil warning light comes up,but if its not coming up,then manually get the oil level checked every quarterly month.

This will help.

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