Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oldsmobile Lifter noise?

Lifters making noise ate engine getting warmed up.

It is common for these to get a sticky lifter, usually it can be cleaned without removing it, there is a product called BG Quick Clean, you add this to the oil and run the engine at 2000 for 10 minutes, if its a sticky lifter, this will cure it, usually within 3 minutes, you will hear the lifter quiet down, then after 10 minutes, shut the engine off and drain the oil and change the filter, and you should be good to go,profession garage mechanics try this first and  and it works great.

But if its still making the noise then,Sounds like a lifter leakdown problem-when was the last oil change -don't recall do an engine flush and see what happens.

As I mentioned earlier a sticky lifter remains noisy and gets worse when you rev up the engine. Also its said that  collapsed lifter is even worse. Piston slap normally disappears once the engine warms up.But in many cases the lifter noise remains.

For more detail definition and understanding read this important details:------

First understand the details about  Hydraulic Lifter Preload:
The definition states
Mechanical cam designs require a running clearance or valve lash.But  hydraulic lifters are just the opposite.
In this system ,When the rocker arm assembly is properly torqued down into position, the pushrod must take up all the clearance and descend into the hydraulic lifter.
And this in turn helps  the pushrod seat to move down by .020 to .060.
The distance that the pushrod seat moves down away from the retaining lock is the Lifter Preload. The hydraulic mechanism requires this precise amount of preload for it to do its job properly.

But if the amount of Hydraulic Lifter Preload is wrong, then this noise issues starts and proper troubleshooting is required.
If clearance exists between the pushrod and the seat in the hydraulic lifter, after the rocker arm assembly has been torqued down, you will have no lifter preload. And this causes he Actual problem And due to this the valve train will be noisy when the engine is running. And due to this  hydraulic force produced by the lifter will be exerted against the lifters retaining lock, and this could cause the lock to fail.So inspecting this parts will help.
This theory will help you to know and understand the problem better.

This will help.

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