Sunday, June 24, 2012

Overfilling oil in engine?

What happens if more quarts of oil is added to the Engine then mentioned in owners manual.

Please don't do this or ever try this. You will get your Vehicles Engine seized and damaged.

OR if you have already done this then drain the additional oil out of the reservoir and bring it to required exact capacity.

It will be ok to drive the car to a nearby shop to have the extra oil drained, but IT IS NOT ok to leave it in there for hundreds of miles or thousands of miles till next oil change.
For Example 1 qt extra is enough to damage the piston rings or valve seals or crankcase ventilation system if left in there over hundreds or thousands of miles.

If you are unable to drain it yourself, either have a friend come over and do it, or take to a nearby shop to have them drain the extra qt of oil for you.

Why to make New inventions when its not recommended and suggested.
Get your vehicle properly serviced get regular tune up done.Don't miss any vehicle service recommendation and let your vehicle live like its a new even after few years of its age.

This will help.

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