Monday, June 25, 2012

2007 KIA Spectra: A/c Blows Warm?

The Issue:---
At idle mode the A/C starts blowing warm air and Temperature starts raising.

On this issue ,i will say its Cooling fan related issue or its blockage in condenser.And A/C Condenser servicing is required.

In some cases you will notice that if you give gas when vehicle is in park mode the A/C will start giving cool air.Try this too.

The first thing you need to check is that the cooling fans are working. With engine idling and ac on, verify that the fans are working.
If not working, then the fan circuit will need to be tested to see if problem is bad fan motor, faulty relays, faulty ac pressure switch, faulty engine coolant temperature sensor, failed powertrain control module, or short in the wiring harness.

If fans work, then condenser has a restriction in it. The condensor looks like a smaller radiator and is located between the radiator and front grille. In that case the condenser has to be replaced and ac lines flushed.

But in most of such cases the issue is related to fan,fan motor or fan control module.

Sounds like the condenser fan is either not operating at correct speed when idling or a restriction in the condenser.

Of the 2, I more suspect the condenser fan. This can be either due to a faulty fan motor or a fault in the fan motor control module.

This possibilities are to be checked.
This will help.

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