Thursday, June 21, 2012

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Transmission Over Temp Warning on Dash?

Transmission and its related components needs to be checked/inspected.

First of all, make sure transmission fluid level is OK.

This warning message is displayed on control panel dash because for some reason computer does not receive transmission temp information from the sensor and that is why you can see warning and also in some cases unusual gear changing will be noticed.
I recommend you to  monitor transmission temperature with a scan tool when the problem exists and if it shows something abnormal, then wiring to the temp sensor should be inspected.

It is also a good option to scan your Powertrain Control Module for trouble codes just to see if it sets any codes for a transmission temperature sensor.
The transmission temperature sensor is a part of the transmission solenoid assembly that is located inside the transmission. It could an intermittent wiring issue caused by a bad contact somewhere within connectors.

This details will help.

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