Thursday, June 21, 2012

2006Ford Explorer: Engine Vibrates and gears slipping?

Feels like gears are slipping also engine shakes while start-up and lack of power while start up.

Its a multiple issue problem.

There are several possibilities that can cause this problem.

It does not sound to be a transmission issue.
When transmission is slipping, you can experience engine RPM goes up while the vehicle speed remains the same or it hardly accelerates.
In this case ,start your troubleshooting  from checking ignition system components such spark plugs and ignition cables. If it has been recently replaced, then it is a good idea to check your fuel system.
It is possible that your fuel pump fails to supply enough fuel to the injectors at times.
You will need to check it for fuel pressure when the problem exists.
Normal pressure should be about 30-40PSI. It could be done with a scan tool as your model has a fuel rail pressure sensor or with a pressure gauge.

This details will help.

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