Monday, June 25, 2012

High Oil Level on Dipstick

It can be the issue of some fluid or diesel leaking into the oil chamber/reservoir.

Inspect the Injectors.Injectors getting old, worn out or cracked.

If the injectors are leaking, that fuel washes past the pistons into the crankcase and raises the oil level.
Usually if that is the case then,you can smell the diesel fuel in the oil if you smell the dipstick.
 If the injectors are not leaking severely you might not, but normally you will smell diesel on dipstick if diesel is leaking.

This is the most common reason on a diesel for this occurance.
But if that's not the case,then inspect the color or oil
If the oil looks milky or sludging, then it will be an issue with coolant, possible headgasket leaking into the crankcase and raising the oil level.

This are most common possibilities that can make/ increase oil level.

Inspecting this possibilities will help.

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