Thursday, June 21, 2012

1999 Chrysler Cirrus: 8 IGN Fuel Starter Fuse Blows?

There is a short in wiring or over draw of current causing the fuse to blow.
Few basic testing and inspection is required.

This fuse protects several circuits and components so you will need to determine which one causes it to blow.

Try is testing procedure to confirm the fault:--------

  • Try to remove the fuel pump relay and crank for some time, then check if the fuse is still OK. if it is OK, then your fuel pump may draw too much current causing it blow. If the fuse blows even with the fuel pump relay removed, then your starter motor could be the reason/ 
  • There are several other components powered via this fuse, so you may want to remove the following fuses from the junction block ( instrument panel fuse block) : F17, F14, F15 . Then see if it blows when you start it
  • Try to remove the starter motor relay or just disconnect the small wire from the starter. if then Fuse is OK, then your starter appears to draw too much current.
  • The starter solenoid could be the reason if takes too much current.

The fuses located in the dash fuse box. But start from removing the fuel pump relay and then starter relay.
This details will help.

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