Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1982 Toyota Pickup: Set ignition timing,engine overheating,timing chain issue,dist off?

This are multiple problem issues.
Setting the timing is difficult when there is no procedure,but with proper procedure it can be easily done.

When you are trying to set the ignition timing are you removing both vacuum lines from the distributor? Is the engine idling normal? The overheating condition will not affect the distributor drive mechanism.

Try this procedure:---
In order to set the base ignition timing at 5° the vacuum lines to the distributor vacuum advance need to be disconnected. The engine RPM needs to be at approximately 750 RPM. If you cannot get enough travel from the distributor to get the timing set correctly you may have inadvertently turned the distributor and it may be off by 1 tooth. You need to set the crankshaft at 0° top dead center and make sure that the distributor rotor is pointing exactly at the number one cylinder/terminal post when you are on the compression stroke for number one.

Take off vacuum hoses and make sure rotor is facing #1 cylinder.
The distributor cannot be off. If it was this would indicate that the timing chain has jump time. You may need to remove the valve cover and confirm that the camshaft has not moved when you're at top dead center the.should be the 12 o'clock position on the camshaft drive gear. Look down the side of the timing chain and see if the guides are broken or missing.

For overheating issue check the Radiator and radiator hoses.Also it can be thermostat related.If its very old start by replacing thermostat.

This details will help.

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