Friday, May 4, 2012

Where is Fuel Filter Located on 1987 Toyota Camry?

The Fuel filter many a times gets dirty, clogged and worn out by its age and it has to be replaced.Its also said and advisable,that when you get the Fuel pump replaced and fuel filter is old,then replace both fuel pump and filter to get proper fuel results.

For Toyota Camry 1989 The fuel filter is located on the driver side frame rail just down from the strut tower. It is basically straight down from the induction hose and air filter box. You need a 17 mm wrench for the top any 14 mm line wrench for the bottom. There are 2-10 mm bolts that bolt it to the inner frame rail under the hood as I described. It is a black canister filter about 4 inches long 2 inches in diameter.

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