Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Toyota RAV4: Engine Haunts and OBD codes P1300, P1305 & P1315?

Basically in this cases the vehicle runs fine,but when engine gets warm/ hot the Engine starts haunting and then tends to give OBD codes.

This codes are related to faulty Ignition coil.If ignition coils are not replaced,then it has to be replaced.,Please go for original or branded parts.Local cheap non-branded aftermarket parts don't last long or give accurate performance and results.

Its the Ignition malfunction issue.
The igniter malfunction codes cylinders 1,2 and 4 are indicated by the code numbers P1300, P1305 & P1315. I trust that you have known good coils and hopefully were purchased from Toyota. I have seen a lot of issues with aftermarket ignition coils.
These codes can only set when the computer does not see ignition confirmation or IGF back to the computer from the ignition coil itself. This square wave is transmitted on the red wire from each ignition coil.
Make sure the wiring harness is not damaged and the pin fit at these coils are tight in the electrical connectors.

The next step is to monitor this waveform on an oscilloscope. All four ignition confirmation signals or IGF are transmitted on one wire back to the computer the computer disseminates the four square waves to determine if each individual coil has fired. Any open or short in this wire or intermittent fault will set these codes and shut the coil down. There is one splice connector were all four wires meet. This is splice connector I2 and is located inside the wiring harness about 4 inches on the cabin side of the main harness work goes to the rubber boot in the firewall. Inside this harness it then goes to one wire and transmits a signal to the engine control computer. Make sure the pin fit in the electrical connector at the engine control computer is also in good condition and tight. If you're confirmed that the ignition coils are good and have good consistent power supply to them about the only thing that you can do if you do not have an oscilloscope is to try and tap these four wires together and run a independent wire around and into the red wire were you would clip and supply a new route into this input to the engine control computer. This would bypass entire harness and see if the problem goes away.

This procedure and details will help.

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